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Got osteoporosis can live longer

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How long can osteoporosis survive? Osteoporosis is a very common disease, the disease is really getting more and more, patients are most concerned about is how long osteoporosis can live, in fact, as long as it is carried out Active treatment, prevention of serious complications such as fractures can live a long time, take a look at how to treat it so good.


Diet therapy: The key to diet therapy is to rationalize the diet structure This is also the most important osteoporosis treatment. Older people should eat more calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and protein-rich foods to make up for the body's metabolism of bone related substances. Diet treatment Your long-term, reasonable diet and persevere, a short period of overeating is not only good for the body, but harmful.

Medication: for the elderly with osteoporosis in vivo metabolic abnormalities, can be adjusted with drugs. Such as senile osteoporosis there is the loss of bone calcium and the lack of some vitamins, which can take a certain amount of calcium, vitamin preparations to supplement the body's deficiencies.

Hormone therapy: Strictly speaking, hormone therapy is also a drug treatment, but has its own particularity. Hormone used in the treatment of senile osteoporosis is different from the commonly used steroid hormones, but sex hormones (such as androgens, estrogen). Sex hormones can stimulate bone formation, reduce bone decomposition, to achieve the purpose of treatment of osteoporosis. For women after menopause osteoporosis, the treatment of sex hormones is more important and effective.

Sports treatment: Physical therapy referred to as physical therapy, through physical activity, regulate the body's metabolic state, improve bone blood circulation, increase the external force on the bone Road stimulation, thereby easing osteoporosis.

Physical therapy: Physiotherapy referred to as physical therapy, is the electricity, light, sound and other modern physiotherapy apparatus on the human body and the bone on the road to promote bone synthesis. Including ultrasound, ultrashortwave, magnetic therapy, hyperthermia and so on.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy has long been not valued by people. In recent years, people are increasingly realizing that the severity of symptoms of various diseases (including osteoporosis) is closely related to the psychological state of the person. A broad-minded, happy mood, personality-style symptoms are often lighter, the treatment effect is good; narrow-minded, eccentric personality, depressed mood often appear more severe symptoms, the treatment effect is poor. Therefore, the adjustment of psychological status is paid more and more attention.

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