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New concept of health examination

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As the name implies, "healthy physical examination" refers to the more comprehensive clinical examination and auxiliary examination done for healthy people. Medical judgment is made according to the result of physical examination, that is, comprehensive analysis is made on various factors that affect the health of the body, and then preventive health care Guidance with clinical treatment. Is a medical behavior, method and process for the assessment of individual and group health status and the prediction of disease risk and the early screening. From the discipline attribution, the health examination is still part of the medical science, but the health examination is by no means a simple copying of clinical examination. From a conceptual point of view, clinical examination and physical examination are still very different: clinical examination is a physician on the subject to conduct a comprehensive physical examination and make an accurate description and judgment of the process; and physical examination is a physician right Subjects undergo a comprehensive medical examination and conduct a comprehensive analysis of various factors that may affect their health and the process of health intervention.

    Classification of medical institutions

    1. According to the establishment of the physical examination institutions are divided into: (1) hospital outpatient examination; (2) hospital medical examination (center); (3) professional medical institutions.

    2. According to the physical examination offices can be divided into: (1) medical examination within the body; (2) on-site physical examination (medical personnel can be organized to carry portable inspection equipment, directly to schools, factories, offices, township, running large passenger and cargo ships Physical examination of the group staff) (3) Physical examination on the car (Physical examination on the physical examination using the special medical examination vehicle and the physical examination equipment in the car.) More convenient and quick, you can go deeper into the above scene or more remote rural areas , Post, site, field, etc.).

    3. According to the physical examination can be divided into: (1) Western medical examination; (2) TCM "treat disease" physical examination (physical identification); (3) Chinese and Western medicine combined physical examination.

    According to the physical examination can be divided into: (1) EK therapeutic examination; (2) social examination; (3) preventive physical examination.

         5. In accordance with the subjective wishes of the physical examination can be divided into: (1) Passive physical examination; (2) Mandatory physical examination; (3) Active physical examination.

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