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High-heeled shoes in the eyes of bone mineral density detector

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In the eyes of orthopedics, high heels is definitely a weapon to hurt the bones. However, in the eyes of women, although it is very inconvenient but it is beautiful, so that every woman is hard to refuse, love and hate. It's hard to be beautiful and comfortable. To this end, BMD experts have created a guide to help love the beauty of wearing high heels save some pain and trouble, so that women wear beautiful, but also dressed in health. Eleven heels, can not refuse the United States.

    Pick your heels

    This does not mean that wearing a comfortable and simple question, the difference between the pain in the shoes and feet hurt in the following points:

    Choose 45 degrees is the best

    High-heeled shoes, the first high-heeled shoes flat on the ground, observe: the center of gravity of the shoes and heel angle is maintained at 45 degrees is appropriate. Does not matter with the level, but it is at least comfortable shoes. 45 shoes, the entire force of the entire foot. If the angle exceeds 45 degrees, even to 60 or more, do not walk more than 5 minutes, you will not want to take it off immediately. A good pair of shoes, arch should be reasonable, designed to have sufficient pressure capacity, you can wear very comfortable.

    Choose 3cm waterproof platform high heels

    Some people say that high heels do not matter, a waterproof platform on the line! wrong! Waterproof platform, but to alleviate the pressure of the forefoot, but people's "sense of the road" had a wrong feeling, especially when not on the road, it is easy to produce injuries, it is easy to stumble. Therefore, the best waterproof within 3cm.

    Choose shoes time stress

    Buy high heels, the time selected at 3-4 o'clock. Because, one day, the body's lymph fluid are accumulated in the lower body, more than 5% of other times, usually people who stand on weekdays, lymph will be higher than usual, then the best choice for more than half or one number is good.

    This is done at four o'clock, the pain of walking ease!

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