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The principle and importance of BMD testing

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Bone density refers to the short name of bone mineral density. With age, there are many reasons for the loss of calcium in the body, low bone density, easily lead to osteoporosis, fractures and other conditions, especially in the elderly and menopausal women even more obvious. Osteoporosis is usually not detectable until the fracture will be taken seriously, and with the increase of the fracture rate will increase year by year and the high morbidity, seriously affecting people's quality of life. Therefore, the manufacturer of bone densitometer to remind people that early physical examination and diagnosis is extremely important, especially in the elderly must always pay attention to their own bones, to update the concept of change in the past to check the skeletons have problems, only take a few X-ray film take a look at the practice, remember that annual physical examination do not forget to do this bone mineral density measurement, so as not to delay the treatment.

    Bone mineral density testing by scanning the way to check the human body in the detection of bone mineral content, so as to determine the strength of human bones to accurately detect the presence and extent of osteoporosis in order to make timely and correct diagnosis and take a positive Prevention and treatment measures to prevent problems. According to the information, at present, all major hospitals in China can carry out bone mineral density testing. However, there are not many items checked by the medical staff. The main reason is that some people still do not understand the importance of checking this item. The second is not clear about the specific method of inspection and its effect, causing some people to give up the item that should be inspected.

    It is understood that the current use of the hospital bone density detector with simple, safe, cheap and so on. We can according to my actual situation, under the guidance of a doctor, weighing the pros and cons to choose.

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