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CX-1000 Plus Ultrasound Teaching System -

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Certificate: CMD, ISD9001: 2000, ISO13485:2001


CX1000 Plus Medical ultrasound system for teaching is a new generation of teaching equipment, which is developed by IMI and Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Digital Medical Imaging. PY 2000 adopts electronic scanning, multi-stage dynamic focusing, variable aperture and digital scanning conversion technology, designing according to medical standard, and adopt advanced large-scale integrated circuit parts, every index and parameter equivalent to medical ultrasound.

CX1000 Plus is a visual aid for mastery of ultrasound system principles and circuit.

It is like a passward box,compact and move easy.

The operation interface is a diagram and the layout is set into modules, which make it easy to see the signal processing and signal direction.it has pile to fix components, insert relevant components. And the virtue as follows: change parts instantly, observe the difference, corresponding ico and connective circuit diagram on linking board before and after changing parts directly, easy to study and make testing.

2. Application

Applying to teaching and testing of medical B and M type ultrasound principle.

Operate and use of B type ultrasonic diagnosing system

Design and maintain of B type ultrasonic diagnosing system

Composition: the basic structure is composed of  main unit(V1.0 edition) and probe.

3. Experimental purposes

1. Learning the principles of the ultrasonic transmitting circuit, implementation and circuit structure, the probe diode switches and its control circuit

2. Mainly study the emission pulse generating circuit, the probe diode switches and its control circuit.

4. Experimental apparatus and materials

1.CX1000 Plus Ultrasonic System for Teaching

2.60MHz or more of the oscilloscope


5.  Experimental principle

1.Emission pulse generating circuit

Focusing delay circuit output delay pulse is logic signal, can not be directly used to drive the probe array element, to produce ultrasonic oscillation, but to the logic pulse into an amplitudewidthpower etc, can satisfy the array element to produce ultrasonic oscillation pulse. The system is based on generating a transmitting pulse circuit. Emission pulse amplitude and width are two important indicators.

In general, the larger amplitude, then the ultrasonic power is stronger, and the reception sensitivity is high; if pulse width is narrow, then the resolution is higher, the small blind area. Figure 1 - 1 is transmitting pulse generating circuit diagram.


Figure 1-1 emission pulse generating circuit

As shown in Figure 1-1, TR0 as the trigger pulse, 0 - 12V positive pulse, on the field effect tube (the FET V201 ) gate on-off control, namely the capacitors C202 charge-discharge control, trigger pulse is not before the arrival of C202 capacitor charging stage, At this time V201 cut-off. capacitor C202 is charged to a close 80V, when the trigger pulse comes, V201 rapid conduction, capacitor C202 through V201 internal resistance (resistance is very small) to the array element T discharges, 80V voltage on the charge of capacitor C202 almost all added to the array element, to produce ultrasonic vibration.

2.The probe diode switches and its control circuit


Figure 1-2 Probe for transmitting and receiving diode switch control circuit

TL0 for the digital control signalwhen TL0 is high level, V001 conduction, V001 collector is low level, V002 base is low. V002 conduction, V002 collector is high, V005 conduction, CT0 is high.

When TL0 is low level, V001, V002, V005 are interrupted, V003 conduction, CT0 is low level (negative high voltage)

3.Note: on the probe switch circuit


Figure 1-3 diode switch circuit

The probe have many the array elemen, there are the number of a diode switching circuit, which are composed of switch diode D1, blocking capacitor C1, matching resistor R1;

When the control signal for the CT0 is -150V, the diode is reverse biased and cut-off, whether it is transmitting excitation pulse or receiving echo signal can not be passed;

When the control signal CT0 to +12 V, the diode is biased conduction, transmitting excitation pulse and receiver echo can be through.

6. Technical details



7. Package




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